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Our dishes take the many colours, flavours and aromas of Brazilian cooking and combine them with Mediterranean cuisine, which is recognized as one of the tastiest and healthiest in the world.

Scallops - Seafood

Special Meats

Prime cuts of British cattle breeds, range-fed on Italian ryegrass. During their final four months they feed on corn meal plus a variety of cereals, legumes and yerba mate in order to bring out the maximum flavor and juiciness of the meat.


A selection of Brazil's finest freshwater fish, direct from the Amazon River basin.


Enjoy the delicacies of the ocean's food chain. We serve lobster or slipper lobster (Scyllarides brasiliensis) and other seafood, as well as live oysters (Pacific oyster or Crassostrea gigas) received daily.


Features live and scalloped oysters, smoked fish carpaccio, caviar, salmon roe, scallops, shrimp, pistachios, heart of palm, spices and other delicacies. The buffet also offers a variety of hot Brazilian and Mediterranean dishes.


Irresistible handmade truffles, pies, trifles, mousses, puddings, pastries and homemade preserves prepared in our confectionery, plus seasonal tropical fruits.

Environmental and seasonal conditions may affect the availability of some products.

Truffles - Dessert Buffet

Wine Cellar

Our wine cellar houses over 400 labels, including champagnes, proseccos, sparkling wines, white wines, rosés and dessert wines, plus classic and renowned reds from the Old and New Worlds.


To accompany a sophisticated meal, treat yourself to the elegance and refinement of Dom Pérignon, Krug, Veuve Clicquot, Laurent-Perrier, Moët & Chandon or a special Cristal. An exclusive champagne produced only in exceptional vintages, Cristal Champagne was created in 1876 when Tsar Alexander II asked winemaker Louis Roederer to reserve his finest cuvée.